The Onyx concept is born in confinement context.
The team of enthusiasts engineers in charge of its development wondered what could be the best earphone that would meet the current requirement of audiophile public.

What started out as a concept turned into a real project.
The ONYX was born.


This team of passionated, the heart of the ONYX project, designed it based on the knowledge and know-how used in the Earsonics laboratories.
After several months of work, the first plans for the ONYX were here and with them the beginnings of an exceptional earphone.
To develop the ONYX, using the best materials was the leitmotif of the team.



A Heart Affair.

When developing it, the engineering team used the best.
Thus, the ONYX is based, among other things, on the latest generation of 3D acrylic core used for the Grace Platinum, Earsonics flagship.

A question of angle

The specific inclination of the ONYX body and cannula is the result of many years of research guaranteeing a comfortable fit and better insulation.

2 pins Connection

The use of "2 pins" is still today the safest and most efficient method to connect your in-ear headphones to their cable.


Entirely handcrafted in our laboratories, the ONYX is designed to offer the highest level of quality at an unbeatable price in its range of high fidelity headphones.
This result underlines the commitment of the engineers on this project to satisfy the most demanding audiophiles.

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Through an approach aimed by a new sound bias, the ONYX is a 100% exclusive earphone with the dynamism, precision and balance primary characteristics.


At all sound volume ranges, you benefit from the entire sound spectrum thanks to the ONYX's ability to transcribe the dynamics. Its extension in the bass and the depth of the sound field also contribute to this dynamic presentation of the ONYX.


Rigorous care has been taken in the sound filtering of the ONYX. Its electronic circuit resulting from professional sound processing technologies, executes the information with precision and optimal control of the phase before feeding the transducers which deliver the sound.


Thanks to a skilful proportioning in the sound processing, the ONYX maintains a perfect balance and a faithful transcription of the timbres at all listening volumes.

An Easy-to-drive Model.

This is the conclusion given by our engineers: its sensitivity-impedance couple allows the ONYX to work with all audio peripherals (sedentary DAC, DAP, walkmans, mobiles, etc.).

Sound Signature.

The ONYX proved to be able to maintain balance and sonic rigor at high listening levels during our various tests. Triggering emotions, its signature designed in collaboration with Earsonics ensures a unique rendering.


Acrylic Heart® Technology

Rigorous driver alignment for optimal phase control.

TrueWave® Technology

Cannula with built-in 3D tuning resonator.

Hybrid® Technology

Use of 2 coupled technologies (balanced driver and dynamic driver).


  • Sensitivity: 122 dB/mW.
  • Frequency Response: 10 Hz -20 kHz.
  • DCR: 16,5 ohms.
  • Driver: 4 drivers (DD/BA) with 3 way HQ impedance corrector crossover.

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    In The Box

  • ONYX with is 4C-HR cable
  • 1 Cleaning Tool.
  • 2 pairs of comply tips of different sizes.
  • 2 pairs of silicon monoflange tips of different sizes.
  • 2 pairs of silicon bi-flange tips of different sizes.
  • 1 carrying case made from EarSonics.
  • 1 User manual.


    HR 8C Premium cable
  • Designed for Earsonics.
  • 6N OCC Silver Copper Hybrid Alloy Cable
  • 8 twisted 300D oxygen-free kevlar cores
  • Anodized aluminium Connector.
  • 4.4mm BALANCED straight plug.
  • 2 pin 0.78 mm.


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